Window Brands You Can Trust

We get asked all of the time questions concerning our windows and what type of windows we use to replace your old ones. We have several different companies we work with to provide our clients with the best window services. Below you will find some of the window companies that we use. After being in the business for many years, we have finalized the ones that we believe will be the most energy efficient as well as economical for our clients.

Andersen Windows

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Milgard Windows

Windows Ace Partnering with Tree Company

Windows Ace has been providing solid window replacement services for years. We have a reputation that proceeds itself within the community. Our clients and customers continue to rave about our services and our reviews are excellent. In our efforts to grow our company we are excited about our new business venture.

Throughout the years we have had people consistently asks us, do you guys know any tree guys that can help remove a tree that has fallen on our house and busted our windows. Or do you know a handyman who can come and fix our home from a tree falling on it. We normally get calls to replace the windows. However, we are recognize that when we do get calls that a lot of the times there will be other needs associated with the client.

After spending a lot of time thinking about how we could meet the services of our clients in a variety of ways, we have decided that it would be best for us to partner with local businesses throughout the community. For instance, when someone has a tree fall on their house and their is window damage, then we will offer a tree service removal through our partner company.

This is why we are proud to announce that we are partnering with K-Town tree service. They are a proven tree company in our area that has exceeded our expectations every time we have used them. Our clients and customers who have used them also rave about their ability to do their job efficiently and in an affordable manner.

Please feel free to contact them via their website or Facebook. We are really excited about this opportunity moving forward. We believe our customers will be thankful to have two companies working together to give them the best possible home services around.

How to Replace Windows

We have thought it to be helpful to explain to you what we do as we replace windows. Here is how we go about replacing windows. This is a helpful tutorial for those of you who like to do it yourselves.

New Replacement Windows Gone Right

Have you ever tried to replace your windows? If so, then you know why it is much easier to hire a window replacement company. The difficulties lie in taking out the window and replacing it in such a way that it fit squarely in your window with no holes or leaks. We have heard several stories where homeowners have done it the wrong way. Here is a video of even professionals getting it wrong.

We were contacted by one homeowner who had a tree fall into the side of their house. It took out 4 windows. After a Tree Service had come in to take care of the tree, the homeowner tried to replace the windows on their own. It was a disaster. Half way through the project their windows wouldn’t fit properly and they had cracked one of the new window frames.

They finally gave us a call. We were able to go out and install their windows within four hours. They were very happy with our work. They agreed that if they would have called us first, then they would have saved themselves a lot of work and headache.

We are a full service window replacement company. We have been serving our residents with pride believing that we provide the best service along with the best prices.

Do you need new windows?

This is a great question. Here are the ways that we help our clients determine if they need new windows.

1) Are the windows rotting outside?

2) Is there a leak or is moisture getting into your house?

3) Are your windows up to date with an energy efficient brand?

4) Is there a mold color surrounding your window?

All of these questions are meant to help you think through whether or not you will need replacement windows. We work through Windows Estimator to get the best deals on windows at wholesale prices. We would be happy to come out to your home to look at your windows and to write up a free estimate or to see if you really need new windows or not.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

What you need to know about windows?

Often times our customers ask if they need to replace their windows or not. Usually after doing research we find that if they are asking the question, then that probably means yes. I found this to be true because if they are asking, it usually means that it has been a long time since they have replaced their windows. This means they are more than likely not up to code and that they are to thin to keep in the heat. If you have windows that are 10 years old or older, then it would be a good time for you to begin to check into new windows.